Delivering first class service and standards is what sets us at Pace apart from the rest.


Please give us a call or contact us via e-mail to get a comprehensive list of our services, which will be tailor made to suit you. 


Ask us for our environmentally friendly process to clean your Kitchen. Our steam cleaning solutions and certified staff will ensure you call us again and again

Innovative technology to clean high levels indoors and outdoors is what keeps us ahead.

Windows, cladding or high beams. We do it all

Safety of our staff is our primary concern and  we try and keep our staff safely on the ground. Although our teams are trained to work at height, our preference is safety. Therefore we look to innovation to keep us safe. 

Our Company

Pace delivers on all your  Non-Contractual cleaning and soft service needs. Call one of our experts to help you deliver a managed service that exceeds your expectations and creates value.

Head Office

139B Wildevy Street

Val De Grace


Operating Hours


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